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Children with oppositional defiant disorders (ODD) have a tendency to against authority figures, which is shown by a tendency to argue with parents and teachers, refuse to follow orders from parents and teachers, and intentionally disturb others. This condition of course can hinder the optimal potential of the child and can interfere with the comfort of other children when children with ODD are in public places such as schools, so that effective handling is needed to reduce these unwanted behaviors. The focus of the behavior that wants to be modified in this study is the behavior of annoying friends during learning hours. This study aims to see the effectiveness of the token economy method in modifying disruptive behavior in children with ODD. This study used a single-case experimental design, and the process of analyzing the data was by comparing the average number of annoying behavior to friends before being given treatment and after giving treatment. Participant in this study was a child with ODD. The results of this study indicate that token ecomy can reduce disruptive behavior in children with ODD.

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